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i want to retexture SM64 now :/

I’ve got a SM64 GC Iso that works with Dolphin if you’d want to play around with retexturing it. It does work.

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Hyper-realistic painting. Melanie, by Hubert De Lartigue. 2010

Higher res version here


Hyper-realistic painting. Melanie, by Hubert De Lartigue. 2010

Higher res version here

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This looks so great

This looks so great

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Announcement: Spoiler warnings are being lifted for Dark Souls 2 discussion.


Welp. So about a month ago I made a post saying that I probably wouldn’t get into a lot of Dark Souls 2 testing right away, so people waiting for the PC version wouldn’t have to worry about spoilers here. I’m going to have to go back on that promise, so I advise turning away if you don’t want to see this information yet. :)

Since the general focus here is stuff like mechanics, I won’t be discussing lore, but I probably will be mentioning things like covenants, bosses, etc, by name.

It turns out that Dark Souls 2 was not more straight forward than Dark Souls 1 in terms of mechanics, I’d say it’s about equally vague. This means speculation and rumors are back in full force, something I wasn’t sure was going to be the case this time around. Like a moth flittering towards a flame, the general lack of detailed information is pulling me back in…

Ah, bummer! See you in about a month!

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Hey guys.  This is not a typical post, but I made something of an album!  And all the music is made using a PSP!

It’s mostly gritty electronic style music.  Turn down your speakers/headphones because the tracks tend to be loud.  

Feel free to skip around the album because the songs all vary pretty wildly.  Also, the first 18~ seconds of the first track are a realllll cold open.  Wait them out to get to the good bits.  

Bonus points for whoever recognizes what the intro to the first track is!  

Here’s a direct link to the album

Thanks for listening, hope you like it!

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and here’s a reminder of what it useeed to look like.

i’m not entirely happy with the rocks because i painted everything at resolution of 512 x 2048 originally but that turned out to still be waaaaay too blurry.

so i upped it to 2048 x 8192, did some filter magic and then painted ontop of that but i still think the filtering is too obvious on the rocks. i’ve already spent way too much time on this tho so i’m putting it in the finished pile

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Here’s a transparent Link to match your blog!  

Whatever color your Tumblr is (behind Link) will be the color of his tunic.  Give it a shot!

Full Size Transparent Link

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Totally wanna see how this ends up looking on my actual tumblr

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This is adorable

This is adorable


I hope you enjoy it!

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A very special Humble Bundle of Love for Brandon Boyer



Introducing a bundle of love for Brandon Boyer, with more than 30 indie games (and counting) just for you!

Humble Bundle has teamed with independent developers to put together a bundle like no other. To help support this cause, pay at least $25 to receive a ton of games and all proceeds…

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There probably won’t be any Dark Souls 2 content here soon…


Hey everyone! Just wanted to quickly mention that this blog will likely be spoiler-free for Dark Souls 2 content, for at least a while. If any of my followers are waiting for the PC release, or don’t have a lot of free time to get through the game quickly, I wanted to assure you that you won’t find any spoilers here soon. My intention is to play the game blind, so it’s unlikely I’ll be testing anything in my first playthrough. And if I do, I’ll probably wait to share it and do a re-cap later on.

Lots of the stuff I look into is the stuff I consider to ‘fall through the cracks’. One of the reasons I got very curious about Dark Souls minutiae was because of how many rumors and contested information persisted for months after the game’s release. You could never get a straight answer on level ranges, triggers for certain NPC events, mechanics of Sin, Vagrants, etc. If similar stuff happens for Dark Souls 2, those are what I’ll be most interested in.

“Build science” (figuring out i-frames, comparing cast speeds, etc, and dissecting stats in general…) and exploring PvP tactics are probably the most important first set of tests that can be done. Those are the kinds of things we can probably expect excellent youtube demonstrations on from people like EWGF and Knutaf (which is better left in more-capable hands like theirs). There will also be tons and tons of information getting added to the wikis.

My intention is to let the dust settle a bit, then see if there’s still room to expand upon missing information or fix incorrect things that wind up on the wiki. If Dark Souls 2 is anything like Dark Souls 1, there’ll be tons to do. I’m still learning new things about Dark Souls, and I got it the day it came out. :)

This is super appreciated. Glad to know it’ll be kept spoiler free.

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A remix of Nameless Song from Dark Souls. It’s sad, very stringy, lots of stringy! *Cough* I wanted to do one more Souls mix before Dark Souls 2 arrived. Enjoyeth!

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tryna figure out why dark souls won’t start correctly with dsfix unless I delete the cutscenes folder

not like I’m gonna do anything else after loud noises woke me up at fucking 5:30

If it’s just not starting, it could be the FOV blur you have set on. Setting it to “o” or “0” generally fixes it for me, if that doesn’t work, just try messing with the other settings.

Small correction - DoF (Depth of field) blur, not FoV (field of view).

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