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Do you have any tips on improving improv skills or quick wit? -Anonymous


You know when you listen to famous comedians, actors, craftsmen, artists…etc when they are being interviewed and they say “I was lucky enough to study under the great so-and-so” and you’re like, man, that must have been amazing. He WAS really lucky, I wonder if he realized at the time how lucky he was.

I was lucky enough to study under the great Ryan Davis. I can’t put it any simpler than that. You know what? I knew the whole time I was lucky.

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The devils head in this shot of AHS was really well done.  

From Season 2 - Asylum.

The devils head in this shot of AHS was really well done.  

From Season 2 - Asylum.

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oh reeeaaaaaaalllllly


oh reeeaaaaaaalllllly

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Is that supposed to be Don Draper and his wife Agnes?

Is that supposed to be Don Draper and his wife Agnes?

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"all i want for christmas is true love" shut up fcuker you want a video game and Ted on bluray
— mistletoe monty (@weepysweetmonty)
December 25, 2012


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Why Animal Crossing is one of my favorite games of this generation.

Honestly, the more time I spend with it, the more I think it is.

I don’t think there’s a game that has made me smile as consistently as Animal Crossing.

For what it’s worth, I also bought it for my girlfriend and we play together so that might have something to do with it.

She doesn’t play very many video games and seeing the complete wonderment in her eyes as we took the boat together to the island with this sunset and Kap’n singing was honestly magical. She was so entirely enthralled in the game, and we had such a great time playing all these little mini-games together.

On top of that, the game just has so much in terms of little pieces of content and surprises.

I think that’s the best thing, it surprises you at every turn.

For example, I started playing again recently and it was winter.

There were snowballs on the ground and I know you could put them together and make a Snowman.

I pushed em together and it was a lady Snowman! I thought aw that’s cool! Then I noticed her name was “Snowmam” and had a huge smile like aw that’s awesome.

The next day I was rushing and just pushed two small ones together and it was a little kid snowman, a Snowtyke! Adorable! That’s how I learned that depending on how big you make the snowballs before hand you make different snow people who all give you different things and offer different games. Snowman, Snowboy, Snowmam, and Snowtyke, all of which are made by using differently sized snowballs. And if you make them in a perfect ratio where the top is just slightly smaller than the bottom, they give you a bonus. Then I went and looked at my snow people today and the first one I made was nearly entirely a mushy water pile on the floor, melting as time went on.

Then, if you accidentally stack the wrong part on top, this happens.

And that’s EVERYTHING in the game. Everything has that much attention to detail, and variety, and it’s just a constant barrage of it.

When I think back, no game has made me smile as much as this latest Animal Crossing has, and it’s honestly probably one of my favorite games of the generation and I think at least deserves to be in the top 10.

I was in a thread asking if others thought Animal Crossing would be one of Giant Bomb’s top 10 games of the year.  One person said no, and I explained why I felt it would be.

Do you ever post on GAF or just lurk? -Anonymous


Tell me more about this… “GAF.”

For those who don’t know, Brad exclusively posts in the Giantbomb thread - only responding to the most exaggeratedly trolling posts of all.

We’re not all that bad Bradley!

Also lrn2videogamz

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This is how you eat on finals week

This is how you eat on finals week

Why don't you want a majoras mask remake? -erofleur


hah i didn’t expect that post to get any notes but basically:

1) MM is fine how it is. just port the damn thing to the eshop and be done with it

2) i’d much rather nintendo concentrated their energy on creating new and inventive zelda games rather than remaking or rehashing old ideas.

3) any remake would mean the possibility of creative changes to the games design. I’m not claiming MM is perfect (in fact some of its flaws are why i love it so much) but it’s a very tightly designed game built with a very different design philosophy to pretty much all nintendo’s other games. I dont think the current teams design style would gel well with what makes MM special to me.

I’m just going to say that I don’t agree with this at all and I believe a remake would be a great idea.

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I wish I could post your response with the sugar cube hearts. You're precious -kasiabee

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i do

i do

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