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and here’s what the inside of peaches castle looks like so far

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❝ Opening your heart and being courageous and telling people that you care about them or like them or that you think they’re special only makes you a better, bigger, kinder, softer, more loving person and only attracts more love in your life. ❞

Amy Poehler  (via dear-abigail)

Amy Poehler is great!

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kinda messy but there ya go: super mario 64 in arts and crafts style

not quite ready to show off the inside yet but it’s coming along nicely!


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PC Dark Souls II are tugging it over the graphics…


And I’m sitting here thinking: “So how is it fighting hackers with infinite health, stamina, and speed hacks?”

I’ve done over 50 battles online on PC and haven’t faced a single hacker. On DSI, I’ve put over 120 hours in and never faced any hackers. 

The PC version really is the one to get, you should check it out.

*~fixed, originally commented with wrong account

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A House in California


i want to retexture SM64 now :/

I’ve got a SM64 GC Iso that works with Dolphin if you’d want to play around with retexturing it. It does work.

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Hyper-realistic painting. Melanie, by Hubert De Lartigue. 2010

Higher res version here


Hyper-realistic painting. Melanie, by Hubert De Lartigue. 2010

Higher res version here

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This looks so great

This looks so great

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Announcement: Spoiler warnings are being lifted for Dark Souls 2 discussion.


Welp. So about a month ago I made a post saying that I probably wouldn’t get into a lot of Dark Souls 2 testing right away, so people waiting for the PC version wouldn’t have to worry about spoilers here. I’m going to have to go back on that promise, so I advise turning away if you don’t want to see this information yet. :)

Since the general focus here is stuff like mechanics, I won’t be discussing lore, but I probably will be mentioning things like covenants, bosses, etc, by name.

It turns out that Dark Souls 2 was not more straight forward than Dark Souls 1 in terms of mechanics, I’d say it’s about equally vague. This means speculation and rumors are back in full force, something I wasn’t sure was going to be the case this time around. Like a moth flittering towards a flame, the general lack of detailed information is pulling me back in…

Ah, bummer! See you in about a month!

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Hey guys.  This is not a typical post, but I made something of an album!  And all the music is made using a PSP!

It’s mostly gritty electronic style music.  Turn down your speakers/headphones because the tracks tend to be loud.  

Feel free to skip around the album because the songs all vary pretty wildly.  Also, the first 18~ seconds of the first track are a realllll cold open.  Wait them out to get to the good bits.  

Bonus points for whoever recognizes what the intro to the first track is!  

Here’s a direct link to the album

Thanks for listening, hope you like it!

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and here’s a reminder of what it useeed to look like.

i’m not entirely happy with the rocks because i painted everything at resolution of 512 x 2048 originally but that turned out to still be waaaaay too blurry.

so i upped it to 2048 x 8192, did some filter magic and then painted ontop of that but i still think the filtering is too obvious on the rocks. i’ve already spent way too much time on this tho so i’m putting it in the finished pile

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Here’s a transparent Link to match your blog!  

Whatever color your Tumblr is (behind Link) will be the color of his tunic.  Give it a shot!

Full Size Transparent Link

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Totally wanna see how this ends up looking on my actual tumblr

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This is adorable

This is adorable


I hope you enjoy it!

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